Monday, October 18, 2010

Patriot mp3 fashion stakes

After years of rapid development, MP3 market has begun to mature, and how saturated the market in a relatively favorable competitive situation has become for many domestic businesses need to consider. Changing situation in the market segments is a breakthrough win, the Patriot MP3 has chosen the strategic direction of the young main attack.

June 26, Patriot digital audio conference held in Beijing, launched the 5 series and 20 models new MP3, and expounded his own advocate specializing in young people to "fashion music life" advocates. In full of youthful, dynamic atmosphere of the conference site, Patriot general manager of Digital Audio Technology Co., Hou Xun emphasis on the fashion for young people's daily life, "Young people are regular everyday life - watching a NBA, drink a Coke, addition is dependent on the music. "

Since the Patriot digital audio in April, after separation of from the parent company, HOU Xun and his team began a comprehensive survey young people's digital products which need. They have organized two seminars about 10 people, on more than 300 people were in the streets, and the 15 universities in Beijing held a related activity, students understand the needs of the music features of digital products. According to the survey results, the Patriot has developed a new strategy, in Shucu activities tailored for young consumers launched "widescreen Temptation", "neck of fashion" and "wearing style" and other MP3 products of different strains of fashion.

MP3 market, more and more mature segments, to understand consumer habits and needs become more important. Young people learn life I like the pursuit of pleasure, hope the convenience of digital products to wear, easy to use and stylish. Patriot's new in this conference, beautiful models of MP3 products or accessories comes with music alarm, or shape is like a diamond pendant type; both can be worn on the hand to listen to MP3 music, watch There's glasses with sunglasses MP3, etc. combined.

The new release is more like a gathering of the fashion industry, combines popular among young people, many fashionable elements, yoga and hip-hop have become signs showing the flow of new positioning, the domestic two-man boy bands "new ideas" also arrived at the scene and explain their own Angel Kiss MP3 indissoluble bond between. Previously, signed by Patriot from the "2005 I type I SHOW" winners of the "popular type king" of Qian Xue, spokesperson of the company's fashion sunglasses F566 mp3, took a fancy to the young minds of his influence and appeal. June 18, Patriot Patriot digital music networks and digital audio company also participated in the Qian Xue in Gome's new album signing will be held in the activities.

Young people under 30 major consumer digital products, fashion crowd, beautiful appearance and emotional preferences often determine their choice between different brands. Unlike other brands of domestic MP3 play the cheap war, the Patriot emphasize the brand on the basis of quality assurance, the same or more emphasis on product appearance, feel. Xun Hou, general manager admitted that the appearance of their products and UI (User Interface acronym, which refers to the interface design) has invested a lot of energy, is that this is "products in the world the only way to compete."

However, light has the appearance of digital products is not enough fashion, high performance is even more important competitive advantage, focus on young people, is to enjoy "good music", and so on playback with high demands. In the new conference, the Patriot also announced the world's leading portable digital audio technology solution providers - United States Sigmatel (SigmaTel) companies have reached a strategic cooperation, the Patriot will provide the latest and the best MP3 chip solution, together MP3 to build higher quality products, co-development of the global market. Sigmatel Sal Sestito, vice president of global brand forecast, 5 years, China will become the world's demand for digital products, the largest country, said he was very honored to become a global strategic partner Patriot MP3.

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Notebook computer repair experience hidden rules

A 4,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan laptop, if specified by the manufacturer beyond the 1 to 3 years of warranty, or a careless man-made damage, such as collisions cause broken laptop screen or keyboard flooding, manufacturers will no longer be responsible for warranty, either to screen for or replace the motherboard, frequently is 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, which many consumers will most likely have to do.

There are also self-notebook computer repair shop, and brand manufacturers in the maintenance of market competition, with the deceptive tactics, while reducing maintenance costs, but is difficult to guarantee quality of service.

Laptop repair the face of the "hidden rules" from 2002, pioneering easy to repair (China) laptop repair chain founder Lee bluntly, "notebook repair cohabitation in China is still in the stage, there are no standard maintenance standards Consumers are being 'hidden rules' difficult to understand the facts. "

Laptop is broken, the purpose of consumers to the repair station is to restore notebook functionality, but the repairs are generally two ways.

One is the manufacturers service station maintenance mode "change", the industry also known as "board-level maintenance", regardless of which components on the motherboard broken, no matter how much the value of their own, are used for board manner. That company is the sale site maintenance standards as long as is necessary to replace all the damaged parts. This is the manufacturer of the main reasons for the high price of repair shops.

There is also a third-party repair shop, "chip-level maintenance", that is for the consumers computer chip on the motherboard replacement treatment, may only need to replace one or a few small chips can resume normal use of the computer function. This is a formal third-party repair shop because the price is relatively cheap.

For consumer equipment frustrating is that if the consumer to vendor repair shop maintenance, service shops as manufacturers have generally not prepared plates, each change must be present from the factory application, a longer time, usually have to wait a week or even two weeks.

"The problem is that many consumers to choose third-party maintenance reasons, it is also easy to repair the reasons for rapid growth in recent years." Lee said, easy repair and maintenance costs are generally the price of notebook computer manufacturers maintain 1 / 3, "We Companies from the start to now, has established more than 140 professional chain stores, more than 1,000 service team, has been repaired more than 50 million laptops. "

But the third-party repair shop, "chip-level maintenance," there stimulation.

Lee introduced the general consumer notebooks will be used only in the stage, the structure of the notebook, and working principles of professional knowledge does not understand the market is not uncommon for the banner of "chip-level maintenance" guise to deceive consumers phenomenon.

"The large scale laptop repair shop, a complete working system BGA Rework essential that we work with the BGA rework system is generally the value of more than 60,000 yuan, and some repair shops to grab business, even to 80 accept the price chip welding, their so-called BGA chip soldering is to use hot air gun to the north and south bridge chip or graphics chip heating, heating temperature can not control. Some even have the so-called BGA device is to spend several thousand dollars bought cheap equipment The success rate is very low welding. "Hao said.

For the consumer, although commitments to fix it without money. But the frightening thing is, after all welding notebook motherboard, motherboard are completely abandoned, even then no matter how good the top of the maintenance engineer to use the equipment can not do anything.

Statistics show that the relevant agencies, notebook computers purchased the first year, 8% ~ 10% repair rate, my laptop last 3 years were 6.297 million units sold, 960 million and 1300 million units. As the 3G era, light, powerful notebook will become more popular. Call of the notebook market growing more and more transparent rules for maintenance.

As "80" after the entrepreneur, Lee believes that "as the country's largest third-party laptop computer repair company, we recognize laptop repair price is reasonable 100 -150 yuan software failure, hardware failure 200 ~ 550. Of course, the difficulty of different detection and maintenance, store maintenance costs of different businesses, the price range a little higher or lower is reasonable. "

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Produced with the VB toolbox floating upper normal place of residence

Through visualization icon float kit can save users the trouble of clicking the main menu. When the mouse is located when its icon in the bottom of the mouse will automatically "fall out" a small label, indicating its function. And the upper normal place of residence will not be covered by the open file. And can change the shape and position, occupied by as much as possible to reduce desktop space.

Can our own applications using this advanced method? Here to introduce a simple to use VB to implement method. Main programming ideas: Reference Windows APL function, to achieve the top form of usual residence; establish control array, through the control of the MouseMove event, triggering a pop-up notes and disappeared.

A floating toolbox visualization and

1. Form1 put control SSRIBBON button (because it itself has three states: pressed, bounce, banned, most of the icon buttons are the type of button). To place the text boxes Text1 (can also use the Label control, but the effect will be different, will be mentioned later), then place a command button Command1. The control properties shown in Table 1 (the table only one example, the other as long as you can modify the corresponding attributes).

2. Click GP3D1, press ALT + Del cut, and then press ALT + Insert copy number, form a control array GP3D1 (0), GP3D1 (2), GP3D1 (3) ... ..., Another example is established by Text1 (0), Text1 (1) , Text1 (3) ... ....

3. Adjustment button and text box location.

During this period, each a work is necessary, such as text box Visible value False, in order to ensure that the program starts, do not display text box, and the Enable value of False is to run the process, the text box can not enter text. If you use the label (Label) instead of text boxes, icon buttons can not be arranged vertically, only horizontally. Because the button below will cover Label, but use the Label text box than the province of memory.

In order to achieve the effect of the upper normal place of residence, must call the Windows API function, in fact, a lot of VB methods cited in the Windows API. Here we use SetWindowsPos process, this process is defined in User.exe, it is important Windows system, the dynamic link library. Reference in the VB API function must be registered in the general declarations section of a statement. Statement API function is often troublesome and error-prone, such as:

Declare Sub SetWindowPos Lib "User" (ByVal hwnd As Integer, ByVal
hWndInsertAfter As Integer, ByVal X As Integer, ByVal Y As Integer, ByVal
cx As Integer, ByVal cy As Integer, ByVal wFlags As Integer)

If all of the API function declarations are so many inputs, low efficiency. Fortunately, all versions of VB provides a Windows API Help program, open it, search SetWindowPos, found one, click on hypertext with an explanation, you can copy.

Second, create a code in the general declarations section enter the following code and declare some constants and global variables:

Declare Sub setwindowpos Lib "User" (ByVal hwnd As Integer, ByVal
hWndInsertAfter As Integer, ByVal X As Integer, ByVal Y As Integer,
ByVal cx As Integer, ByVal cy As Integer, ByVal wFlags As Integer)

Const SWP_NOSIZE = 1

Const SWP_nomove = 2

Const flags = SWP_NOSIZE Or SWP_nomove

Const hwnd_topmost = -1

Const hwnd_notopmost = -2

Dim I As Integer

Dim B As Integer

MouseMove event for the GP3D1 button to add the following code, where only the realization of the mouse device in its pop-up when the comment, not when its faded features, readers can add a timer control and some code, you can easily achieve the mouse After a moment in its comments on the effect of pop-up device, so there is no mouse "pass" button, note the results of the device appears.

Sub GP3D1_MouseMove (index As Integer, Button As Integer, Shift

As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)

I = index 'record in which the current mouse button

text1 (I). Visible = True "to the pop-up

If B <> I Then 'of the other buttons omitted

text1 (B). Visible = False

End If

B = I 'Please have a good understanding the role of the variable B

End Sub

Command1 button's Click event to add the following code:

Sub Command1_Click ()

do While DoEvents () 'use DoEvents () to achieve free circulation under the multi-task monitoring

setwindowpos hwnd, hwnd_topmost, 0, 0, 0, 0, flags' to achieve the top place of usual residence


End Sub

MouseMove event for the Command1 button to add the following code:

Sub Command1_MouseMove (Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X

As Single, Y As Single)

text1 (I). Visible = False 'mouse leave the button area, located on the command button on the device when the omitted Notes

End Sub

The MouseMove event to Form1 add the following code:

Sub Form_MouseMove (Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X

As Single, Y As Single)

text1 (I). Visible = False 'mouse leave the button area, enter the device form, omitted comment

End Sub

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SP has a new tactics to steal money through Guangdong Province, Hong Kong Monetary Authority to warn

銆??1鏈?8鏃ワ紝骞夸笢鐪侀?淇$鐞嗗眬鍏竷浜嗘埅鑷?007骞村害閫氫俊鏈嶅姟鎶曡瘔鍙楃悊鎯呭喌锛屽叾涓敱12300鏈嶅姟涓績(骞夸笢鐪佺數淇′紒涓氭湇鍔¤川閲忕洃鐫d腑蹇?鍙楃悊鐨勭敤鎴风敵璇?022浠讹紝姣斾笂骞翠笅闄嶄簡27%锛岃?璧勮垂浜夎绫绘姇璇夋暟閲忛珮杈?26浠讹紝鍗犳?鏁扮殑61%銆?In the value-added business, not specifically under this tariff SMS spamming, business name does not match the content and the phenomenon is still hot cause customer complaints.

Data show that in 2007 12 300 service centers in Guangdong Province handled a total of 2564 people communicate user consultation over the previous year's 3,699 people down three percent over the same period the user complaints received up to 1022, the 1378 over the previous year fell 27%. Which charges the most controversial type of complaints, over 626, accounting for 61% of the total, are still the main focus is the user complaints.

Guangdong Communications Administration analysis of tariff categories have the following types of disputes: As enterprise systems or human error because the business failed to take effect, resulting in additional costs; pre-paid subscribers free calls using the local packages, have been withheld on rent, but the card can not receive calls due to insufficient balance; in the absence of use or custom business is to be charged.

Notice also showed that the introduction of service policy after the second confirmation, SP overall violations decreased, but there are some new trick mode, mainly as, in the absence of charges, this or this is not a clear case of recklessly promotional text messages induction of customized information services business; Another example is the business name does not match with the content; In addition, there is induction of SP cross to send the case information, such as the use of PHS mobile phone users send text messages induced consumption.

Guangdong Province, through the MA to remind users that they were somehow found to subscribe to some of the SP's service, can be related infrastructure operators, 12315 or 12300 complaints, while also proposed telecommunications users to keep it good information or violation of the publicity other relevant information to the complaint as a basis for complaint.


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Giants leading a secret

In 2004, Microsoft's new patent applications up to 3000, became the largest U.S. patent company. In addition to maintaining its advantages on the desktop and server, Microsoft will be a lot of money to invest in R & D non-PC areas: IPTV, smart phones, cars and games. All this is to give users a seamless, connected computing environment. Microsoft senior vice president and CTO has accepted the reporter an interview, explained the layout of the software giant's R & D and the latest results.

East Chang'an Avenue in Beijing, the Grand Hyatt Hotel, China routinely visit Microsoft CTO Craig Mundie came up with Windows Mobile smart phone operating system, use of indoor network signal, the network service to connect to the United States Seattle, Seattle City traffic conditions on clear display in the phone.

"This is to rely on Web services to achieve. In fact, it reflects not only real-time traffic, but also on the city's major sporting events, and festivals such as weather conditions may cause traffic congestion monitoring and analysis. Not only that each intersection when a traffic jam, but also pointed out that when they can ease traffic congestion. "Craig told reporters.

This application is Microsoft's latest technology innovations in a number of one. Annual R & D expenses as much as 70 billion software giant, Microsoft, in addition to "to promote the Office through innovative product line, and the core of the Windows desktop and server products, there have also been carried out in the field of non-PC R & D investment."

Through the spread and expansion of Windows, Microsoft made available to the people's will be a seamless, connected computing environment.

7 billion U.S. dollars to invest in the where?

Up to 67 billion dollars per year R & D investment, Microsoft is how to allocate and manage, but also how to balance the long-term research and short-term R & D relationships, which has been one of concern.

Craig frankly told reporters, like other commercial technology companies, "Now Microsoft is pure research in a relatively small number of inputs, Microsoft research institutions around the less than 600 people engaged in pure research. Most of the R & D investments are invested in new product development and expansion of the traditional product lines above. "

Craig said that Microsoft's R & D investment, the purely technical, pure scientific research, investment and product line inputs is a clear division. Microsoft is still the major PC and server business, so R & D investment which, PC and server account for a large.

Craig stressed that: "But in the past 12 years which, we have been steadily among non-PC computing research and development investment. Smart phones and PDA, and television, particularly those based on IPTV, it is Microsoft's strategic investment. In addition, Xbox game console in the field have done a lot of R & D investment "

When asked Microsoft how to determine and control investment in new areas, Craig said frankly, "This for us is a continuous learning process, whether it is Bill Gates, or I am."

Craig said that in some new product areas, Microsoft's investment rate is a bit too fast - then underestimate the use of this new product to the entire community in changing the infrastructure cost required for a long time. For example, interactive television technology, we need to change the appropriate business model, policies, regulations, and the radio and television networks, these elements in place order to mature and take a long time.

In fact, when Microsoft began 12 years ago into non-PC business, to consider not only related to broad areas of business prospects, as build a seamless user computing environment is an important factor.

"Because at that time we identified the role of the microprocessor will continue to expand, will be extended to all types of terminal equipment which. This requires a more sophisticated microprocessor and advanced software, and will require different terminal devices with connectivity, this connectivity requirements of the software on more than just a traditional embedded software. "Craig said said.

Craig stressed that: "In exchange, the company is uniquely positioned to achieve different types of seamless integration between devices."

"We also hold the same idea into other types of new product areas, such as developed for the automotive information platform. Through such a product one hand, we want the users of these products have a very good user experience, while also allow these new products and the user has held the use of Microsoft software and other devices have good integration. "

The most exciting innovation

Craig believes that so far, in the non-PC areas of Microsoft's most exciting television innovation comes as the latest IPTV technology. "Microsoft has explored various forms of interactive television, including the traditional set-top box set, and media center PC technology. But IPTV is a new innovation, which not only makes TV programs can be based on the IP network transmission, For TV viewers, in program choice also have more flexibility. television program suppliers also have a great deal of flexibility. "

According to Craig's description of a televised sporting events of our time can be multiple cameras shooting from different angles to the race, then the future use of IPTV technology, viewers could match a specific time each select their own most want to see point to watch games on television this area has never been seen before. "This is a real innovation!"

In fact, Microsoft in every area of the new non-PC devices will be excited to Craig. "Our performance is very good smart phone, but very powerful. We were in the Xbox's innovation has made great progress. We like Halo 2 this game was very popular. We will soon launch the second generation Xbox will allow us to the company a leading position in the industry. All of these are non-PC areas of innovation, all represent progress in the field of non-PC. "

Although some in the industry believe that the Tablet PC and the Xbox's poor market performance, Craig is on the Tablet PC has been very pleased with the progress made. "Tablet PC on behalf of the people use computers, a new model, such as Tablet PC to take notes directly."

"We did not expect Xbox will achieve greater success than now. In the game, we are now in the world, discharged to the second. We believe that with the gaming industry transition to next-generation high-definition gaming, Microsoft industry-leading companies will be living. "

Innovation face strain

Face of periodic information technology industry, Microsoft's innovation is also for the coming new era ready.

Craig said: "We have some of the industry cycle. If the past 10 years, neonatal non-PC products, it is also PC and server product maturity. I feel a new era coming. In this era , the traditional desktop and server computing will undergo major changes, Microsoft is continually investing in this area, which can be prepared for such contingency.

In Craig's eyes, the upcoming changes will be huge, and it has been revealed. "For example we see Intel and AMD multi-core processors released, so that multi-core processors reflects the rapid changes in CPU chip in the future, the evolution of a machine from a core to a multi-core machine, which reflects one of our industry tremendous changes. Another may Surprisingly, the direction of development is human-computer interaction on changes. For example, Tablet PC, and now we have introduced the Tablet PC handwriting and drawing functions, but also the future we can allow users and interaction between PC - can speak on PC, PC can people say, PC can have vision. in human-computer interaction in the speech recognition capabilities, as well as PC's hearing, vision is very broad for us the future development of prospects, but also lead to other innovations.

In fact, Craig Mundie believes that the current software which may be the most promising areas of innovation in business and workflow automation applications.

"Now we need to develop a whole new generation of business and workflow automation applications, because in the past such applications have been limited to traditional desktop server environment, and is applicable only within the company. But today we have to service-oriented architecture, with Web services and XML. This gives us a new mechanism to develop cross enterprise applications, as well as the interaction among staff and business automation. That is, without prior identification between the ability to interact program, which will bring our industry dramatic changes, and give us a chance to many new applications to automate. "

Perhaps we can see Craig's words in the field of Microsoft's R & D in non-PC strategic intent: "Microsoft does not expect to occupy all the high end products in the market. We are mainly dedicated to provide users with a high quality of experience, particularly in the different end products to achieve convergence and integration between networks. "

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Responsible for the layout of Microsoft's R & D chief technology officer, Craig Mundie is also concerned about the technical future of the industry made a judge.

China faces three major opportunities for software innovation

On China's software industry, Craig believes that China software may be the most promising innovation is reflected in three areas. The first is a new generation of service-oriented applications, such applications will be used in China and medium-sized enterprises and government departments. The second area is to develop a whole new generation of embedded software systems to meet the needs of terminal equipment, and can achieve the integration between the different devices. The third area is to develop software to support the rural economy. In rural areas of China need to have to adapt to China's agricultural economy and business requirements of different applications.

The next few years all laptops will be using flat form

In the next few years, with tablet PCs and traditional price gap between notebooks continue to shrink, flat forms will become the standard set for all notebook computers. Limit the development of tablet PCs now have two factors. First, the benefits of Tablet PC users need more understanding. Second, the current realization of the digital pen tablet PCs, and traditional laptop or a very significant difference in the. With the Tablet PC's volume, this cost would tend to narrow the difference.

According to Craig, at present the Tablet PC in a number of vertical growth of the industry marketplace quickly. For example, medical, insurance and other vertical industries.

The core of digital home PC

Have emerged on the future of digital home is a PC or a television debate, Craig has his own judge: "We believe the core of digital home is some type of computer." This powerful computer features must Xiangdang - it can be responsible for recording and management of all media, family, and through these media to different devices to provide basic services.

Now in the capacity of all terminal equipment is the most powerful media center computer, especially the latest version of Media Center Extender is capable of, so we are not only powerful PC capabilities and high-definition. We can store and play all of them family photos, home video clips, standard definition and high definition TV and other devices to achieve high-speed integration.

End music phone music player

Craig believes that the current phenomenon of the popular music player will not last long. As mobile phones evolve into smart phones, music players, there is no reason to exist. In the long term, music player functionality will be built into mobile phones which, from a musical point of view, music can be a completely digital, so you can easily make mobile phones with high-quality stereo output capability. Just need to expand the mobile phone related manufacturers in the storage, power management, further research and development.

Although the market has also appeared in 7 million pixel camera phone, but Craig can not replace that high-quality camera phone.

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AutoCAD Mechanical Drawing English Vocabulary (1)

2D Solid solid surface two dimensional 2D
2D Wireframe two-dimensional wire-frame
3D Array Array three-dimensional array of 3D
3D Dynamic View 3D dynamic view three-dimensional dynamic observation
Three-dimensional objects, 3D objects 3d objects
3D Orbit 3D dynamic three-dimensional orbit
3D Orbit 3D dynamic three-dimensional dynamic observation
3D Studio 3D Studio 3D Studio
3D Viewpoint 3D Perspective 3D view point
3dpoly 3D three-dimensional polymer line polyline
3dsin 3DS import to import 3D solid
3DSolid 3D solid three-dimensional solid
3dsout 3DS export 3D solid export
abort give up interrupt
abort interrupt interrupt
absolute coordinates absolute coordinates absolute coordinates
abut adjacent neighboring
accelerator key accelerator shortcuts
access access access
acisin ACIS ACIS import input
acisout ACIS ACIS export output
action action action
active activities (the) role of
adaptive sampling adaptive sampling optimal sample
add add adding
Add a Printer Add Printer, Add Printer
Add mode to add mode
Add Plot Style Table print style sheet to add
Add Plot Style Table print style sheet to add
Add Plotter Add Printer
Add Plotter Add Printer
Add to Favorites Add to Favorites Add to Favorites
ADI ADI (Autodesk Device Interface) ADI (Autodesk Device Interface)
adjacent adjacent adjacent
Adjust Adjusting
Adjust Area fill adjustment to adjust the region to fill the regional filling
AdLM (Autodesk License Manager) AdLM (Autodesk License Manager)
Management Management Administration dialog box dialog box dialog box
Advanced Setup Wizard Setup Wizard Advanced Settings Wizard Advanced
Aerial View Aerial View Aerial view of scene
affine calibration relationship between affine calibration correction
alert warning alerts
alias alias alias
aliasing aliasing aliasing of
align aligned aligned
aligned dimension alignment mark aligned type annotation
alignment alignment (way) alignment
allocate allocation allocation
Altitude high elevation
ambient color environmental color environmental color
ambient light ambient light ambient light
angular dimension point of view mark mark
angular unit angle unit angle unit
annotation annotation annotation
Blocks anonymous anonymous anonymous block block
anti-aliasing anti-aliasing anti-aliasing
aperture point target box lock box
exterior appearance of the intersection of the intersection of apparent intersections
append additional additional
Application key authorization code for application number
appload load applications loading applications
Apply application / application to apply
approximation points near point near point
arc arc arc
Architectual Ticks building construction slash mark
area area area area area
Argument parameter argument
Arrange Icons Arrange Icons Arrange icons
array array array
arrowhead arrow arrows
ASCII ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) ASCII
aseadmin ASE ASE Management Management
aseexport ASE output ASE Export
aselinks ASE ASE link link
aserows ASE ASE column row
aseselect ASE ASE select options
asesqled SQL Editor ASE SQL Editor
Aspect vertical and horizontal spacing to the spacing of longitudinal and transverse
aspect ratio aspect ratio aspect ratio
assign designated designated
Assist Assistant Auxiliary
associative dimension annotation associated with marked correlation
associative hatches associated with filling section line relational
attach v. adhesion adhesion
attdef attributes defined custom properties
attdisp Properties Display Properties Display
attedit Properties Edit Properties Edit
attenuation attenuation attenuation
attenuation of light light light attenuation attenuation
attext attribute extraction attribute extraction
attredef attribute redefinition Attribute redefined
attribute definition attribute defines the attribute definitions
Attribute Display Properties Display Properties Display
attribute extraction file attribute file extract file properties extraction
attribute extraction template file attribute extraction template file attribute extraction template file
attribute attribute attribute prompt prompt prompt
attribute tag attribute attribute tags
attribute value Attribute value attribute value
audit verification check
authorization code authorization code authorization code
AutoCAD library search path AutoCAD AutoCAD library search path resource library search path
autocommit autocommit automatically determines
AutoTrack auto tracking auto tracking
three-axis tripod shaft axis frame
azimuth azimuth azimuth
Back Clipping On cut open after
back view back view after the scene
background color background color background color
backup backup backup
Backward about reverse reverse
bad is not correct incorrect
base base base, bottom, bottom
base dimension marked baseline benchmark type annotation
base grips base valve pinch point benchmark
base point basis point basis point
baseline baseline baseline baseline-type
baseline baseline baseline dimension style label label
Basic color basic color Basic color
Batch Print Batch batch plotting out the map
beam angles of spotlights spotlight beam angle point angle of light rays
Beep on Error error alarm beeps when an error
bevel chamfer miter
bevel chamfer miter
miter angle beveling objects objects objects
Bezier curve Bezier curve Bezier curve
Big Font Large font large font
bind bind into
bitmap bitmap bitmap
Synthesis of hybrid blend
blipmode point marker pattern mode point in mind
block block tiles
block definition block defines the definition of tiles
Blocks block reference reference reference block
block table block table tiles form
bmpout BMP output BMP Export
body of the main body
Boolean Boolean Boolean operation
borders border frame
bottom view looking up under the scene graph
boundary boundary boundary
boundary sets the boundary set boundaries set
bounding edge (frame) boundary box
break (v.) break off
Bring Above Object object placed on an object placed on top of
Bring to Top Overhead put to the top
brower browser browser
built-in Built-in Built-in
bulge crown crown
bump map bump mapping tactile maps
button menu button menu button menu
byte bytes bytes
cabling cabling wiring
cal calculator correction
calibrate the calibration correction
call call call
callback callback (for LISP) Reply
callback Callback Reply
camera camera camera
camera angle camera angle camera angle
Cancel Cancel Cancel
cap sealing sealing
cascade cascade (a) overlapping arrangement
case (size) was the case
cast cast cast
catalog catalog catalog
cell cell cell
Center center of the circle center
center mark center of a circle marking the center mark
centerline centerline centerline
centroid centroid centroid centroid
chamfer chamfer chamfer
change changes change
character character character
Check Check Check
Check Box check box, and check the box
Check Spelling Spelling Spelling
child dimension style mark the lower sub-type tagging style
chord chord chord
changes modify the characteristics of the nature of chprop
circle Yuan Yuan
circular external reference cycle of the external light cycle of the external reference
Circumference circumference Circumference
class class class, category
clause clause clause
Clean clear the clean-up
Clean clear the clean-up
clear clear clear
client client client
clip cut interception
Clipboard Clipboard Clipboard
clipping boundaries border cut border interception
clipping planes cut plane intercept plane
Close Close Close (for file), closed (for the border, line, region)
Cluster cluster group
code pages code page code page
color color color
color depth Color depth Color depth
color map color map Color mapping
Color Wheel Color Wheel Color Wheel
color-dependent color-related
Color-Dependent Plot Style Table print style sheet color-related
dangle suspension is not fixed
Dark Dark Dark Color
dash dotted line dotted line
data integrity data integrity data integrity
database database database
datum reference datum
datum axis reference axis reference axis
mark reference mark reference datum dimension
datum identifier identifies benchmark reference identifier
datum reference frames reference frame reference frame of reference for baseline
datum reference letters reference letters benchmark reference text reference
dbConnect database link to connect to database
dbConnect Manager Database Connection Manager
dblist list of databases listed in the database
DBMS drivers DBMS-driven database management system (DBMS)
ddattdef Properties dialog box define the definition of the dynamic properties
ddatte Properties Dynamic Properties dialog box Edit Edit
ddattext Dynamic Properties dialog box attribute extraction extraction
ddcolor Color dialog box to set dynamic color
ddedit text editor, edit the text and attribute definition of the dialog box
ddgrips pinch dynamic switch point setting dialog box
ddim mark set mark Settings dialog box
ddinsert insert tiles into the dialog box
ddmodify pixel editing dialog box dynamically changes
ddptype point type dialog box, point type
ddrename Rename dialog box dynamically renamed
Drawing Settings dialog box drawing mode ddrmodes
ddselect Object Selection dialog box to set the dynamic selection
dducs UCS dialog box to set the dynamic UCS
dducsp UCS UCS default direction of the dynamic dialog box
ddunits unit dialog box to set the dynamic units
ddview view dynamic visual dialog
ddvpoint dynamic view point viewpoint dialog box
deactivate the release of suspended
dealer dealer dealer
decal effect effects of pruning effect of removing impurities
decimal dimensions decimal decimal mark mark
decurve of non-linear curve of
default default default default
default default default drawing surface graphics
default default default drawing surface graphics
definition point the definition of points defined point
Degenerate Degenerate Degenerate
delay delay delay
delete delete delete
DELta incremental difference
request, demand loading loading loading on demand
dependent symbols rely on symbols
deployment to start deploying
Depth Map depth map depth map
derive Export Export
Description description description
Design Center Design Center Design Center
detach detached separation
Detection Detection Detection
deviation deviation deviation limit
deviation tolerance limit of tolerance deviation tolerances
device device device
device device device
Device and Default Selection of equipment and the default choice of equipment and select the default value
Dia diameter diameter
diameter diameter (marked) in diameter
dictionary dictionary dictionary
diffuse diffuse diffuse color color color
digitizer tablet digitizer
digitizing puck digitizer cursor pointing device digital
digitizing puck digitizer cursor pointing device digital
dim Labeling
dimaligned alignment mark aligned type annotation
point of view dimangular mark mark
dimbaseline baseline baseline-style label label
dimcenter center of a circle marked the center mark
dimcontinue continuous continuous mark mark
dimdiameter diameter diameter mark mark
dimedit annotation editing annotation editor
dimension Labeling
dimension definition points marked points define the definition of Labeling
dimension format Marks Marks
dimension geometry geometric elements marked
dimension line arc dimension line arc arc marked line
Properties marked characteristic mark dimension properties
dimension scale marked proportion of the proportion of marked
dimension style type of marked style tagging
dimension style families marked family style family annotation type
dimension style name style name annotation type name of the label
dimension style overrides annotation style alternative to replace the annotation type
dimension text label text label text
dimension units units units on label
label variable label variable dimension variables
dimlinear linear linear mark mark
dimordinate coordinate label coordinates type annotation
dimoverride mark mark replaced by alternative
dimradius radius radius mark mark
dimstyle label type label style
dimtedit mark mark text editor text editor
Direct Direct Direct Hatch fill profile
Direction Control Direction Control Direction Control
Directory Directory Directory
Disable Disable canceled, suspended
discard abandon abandon
Discontinued stop using the canceled, suspended
Under the hemispherical dish dish
disk space disk space disk space
displacement point displacement of the displacement point
display display display display, display
Display Order Display Order Display Order
dist distance distance
parallel light far distant light source
distributed distributing distribution
dithering dithering dithering
diverge scattered scattered
Divide decile decile
divide decile decile
Division decile partition, division
dock (undock) fixed (floating) fixed
document Documents
hemispherical dome on dome
Ring ring donut
Draft sketch sketch
Standard Drawing Standard Drawing drafting standards
drafting techniques drawing technical drawing skills
drag and drop drop drop
draw draw / drawing (if the latter does not take object) drawing
drawing graphics drawing, Drawing
Drawing Aids Drawing Drawing auxiliary aids
drawing area drawing area the plot area
graphic drawing boundaries boundary boundary surface
drawing browser graphical browser, the browser surface
graphic graphic drawing database database database
environmental graphics environmental graphics drawing environment
drawing extents the actual surface area range graphics
drawing file graphics file image file
drawing limits the scope of graphic drawing boundaries
graphic order of the drawing order of drawing order
Project Graphics Project Graphics drawing project
the proportion of surface graphics drawing scale ratio
drawing standard graphics standard surface standards
drawing status graphics state surface state
drawing drawing drawing time time time
drawing units graphics unit surface unit
driver driver driver
Dropdown List drop-down list drop-down lists
dsviewer aerial view aerial view of scene
dtext dynamic text dynamic text
dump dump dump out
duplicate duplicate duplicate
duplicating copy copy
Dynamic observation of the dynamic view dview
dxbin DXB DXB imported input
dxfin DXF import DXF Import
dxfout DXF output DXF Export
Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic
Dynamic Dragging dynamic dynamic drag drag
Dynamic Update Dynamic Update Dynamic Update
dynamic viewing dynamic observation of the dynamic view
Dynamic scaling dynamic scaling dynamic zooming
edge edge edge
Edge Surface Edge Surface Boundary Surface
edgesurf boundary surface edge surface
editor editor editor
Teaching Science Education EDUCATION VERSION
effect effect effect
Element Element Element
elev elevation elevation
elevation elevation elevation
ellipse ellipse ellipse
embed embedded embedded embedded
Encapsulated Package See also "EPS" compression
endpoint end end end
end angle end endpoint point point
end tangent to the end of the cut point cut ends
end end width width width of the endpoint
Ending termination endpoint
English units Imperial units Imperial
ENTER ENTER (input) input
entity graphic elements. primitive
data entry entry entry
environment environment environment
environment variable environment variable environment variable
equation equation equation
delete delete erase
existing existing existing
Exit out of the end
Export export export
expression expression expression
extend extended extension
extend extend beyond the content (for annotations) extension of
Dimension line extension line extension line
Extent (s) the scope of the actual range
external data External data External data
external database external database external database
External Reference external reference External reference
Extract Selection extraction
extrude extrusion stretch
face face face
facet 闀跺祵闈?浜х敓鍒婚潰
factor 鍥犲瓙(see Scale Factor) 绯绘暟
fade 瑜壊搴?娓愬眰
falloff angle 鏀剁缉瑙?琛伴?瑙掑害
Fast Zoom mode 蹇?缂╂斁妯″紡 蹇?缂╂斁妯″紡
fatal 鑷村懡閿欒 鑷村懡閿欒
Favorites 鏀惰棌澶?鎴戠殑鏈?埍
Favorites 鏀惰棌澶?鎴戠殑鏈?埍
feature 鍔熻兘/锛堝嚑浣曪級鐗瑰緛 鐗瑰緛
fence 鏍忛? (See also Selection fence) 绡遍?
field 瀛楁 鏍忎綅
file 鏂囦欢 妗f
fill 濉厖 濉疄
Filled Text 濉厖鏂囧瓧 鏂囧瓧濉疄(鐢ㄤ簬濉疄绾挎潯銆佸疄浣撴垨瀹為潰)
Filmroll Filmroll 鑳跺嵎
filter 杩囨护鍣?杩囨护鍣?br />find 鏌ユ壘 瀵绘壘宸ュ叿
finish 瀹屾垚 淇グ
finish 淇グ锛坒or render only) 淇グ
fit 鑷?搴旇缃?甯冩弧 锛堢敤浜庨瑙堟椂锛屽竷婊¤绐楁垨鍥剧焊锛?br />fit points 鎷熷悎鐐?鎷熷悎鐐?br />flag 鏍囧織 鏃楁爣
Flat Shaded, Edges on 甯﹁竟妗嗗钩娣$潃鑹?br />flat-shaded 锛堝钩娣★級鐫?壊
floating viewports 娴姩瑙嗗彛 娴姩瑙嗗煚
flood 甯冩弧 澶ч噺
Flyout Properties 寮瑰嚭鐗规?瀵硅瘽妗?鍥剧ず鍒楁?璐?br />fog 闆?闆?br />fold 鎶樺彔 鎶樼棔
Follow 璺熼殢 鑷姩骞抽潰瑙嗘櫙
font 瀛椾綋 瀛椾綋
font map file 瀛椾綋鏄犲皠鏂囦欢 瀛椾綋瀵规槧妗?br />form tolerance 褰㈢姸鍏樊 鎴愬瀷鍏樊
formatting text 璁剧疆鏂囧瓧鏍煎紡 鏍煎紡鍖栨枃瀛?br />frame 妗嗘灦 鐢绘牸
frame 甯?鐢绘牸
frame 杈规 鐢绘牸
free-form 鑷敱褰㈠紡锛堢殑锛?鑷敱褰㈠紡
freehand line 寰掓墜鐢荤嚎 鎵嬬粯绾?br />Freeplotting 鑷敱缁樺浘 鑷敱鍑哄浘
freeze 鍐荤粨 鍐荤粨
freezing layers 鍐荤粨鍥惧眰 鍐荤粨鍥惧眰
From 鑷?鑷?br />Front Clipping On 鍓嶅悜鍓鎵撳紑
front view 涓昏鍥?鍓嶈鏅?br />Full Preview 鍏ㄨ鍙i瑙?瀹屾暣棰勮


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