Monday, October 18, 2010

Patriot mp3 fashion stakes

After years of rapid development, MP3 market has begun to mature, and how saturated the market in a relatively favorable competitive situation has become for many domestic businesses need to consider. Changing situation in the market segments is a breakthrough win, the Patriot MP3 has chosen the strategic direction of the young main attack.

June 26, Patriot digital audio conference held in Beijing, launched the 5 series and 20 models new MP3, and expounded his own advocate specializing in young people to "fashion music life" advocates. In full of youthful, dynamic atmosphere of the conference site, Patriot general manager of Digital Audio Technology Co., Hou Xun emphasis on the fashion for young people's daily life, "Young people are regular everyday life - watching a NBA, drink a Coke, addition is dependent on the music. "

Since the Patriot digital audio in April, after separation of from the parent company, HOU Xun and his team began a comprehensive survey young people's digital products which need. They have organized two seminars about 10 people, on more than 300 people were in the streets, and the 15 universities in Beijing held a related activity, students understand the needs of the music features of digital products. According to the survey results, the Patriot has developed a new strategy, in Shucu activities tailored for young consumers launched "widescreen Temptation", "neck of fashion" and "wearing style" and other MP3 products of different strains of fashion.

MP3 market, more and more mature segments, to understand consumer habits and needs become more important. Young people learn life I like the pursuit of pleasure, hope the convenience of digital products to wear, easy to use and stylish. Patriot's new in this conference, beautiful models of MP3 products or accessories comes with music alarm, or shape is like a diamond pendant type; both can be worn on the hand to listen to MP3 music, watch There's glasses with sunglasses MP3, etc. combined.

The new release is more like a gathering of the fashion industry, combines popular among young people, many fashionable elements, yoga and hip-hop have become signs showing the flow of new positioning, the domestic two-man boy bands "new ideas" also arrived at the scene and explain their own Angel Kiss MP3 indissoluble bond between. Previously, signed by Patriot from the "2005 I type I SHOW" winners of the "popular type king" of Qian Xue, spokesperson of the company's fashion sunglasses F566 mp3, took a fancy to the young minds of his influence and appeal. June 18, Patriot Patriot digital music networks and digital audio company also participated in the Qian Xue in Gome's new album signing will be held in the activities.

Young people under 30 major consumer digital products, fashion crowd, beautiful appearance and emotional preferences often determine their choice between different brands. Unlike other brands of domestic MP3 play the cheap war, the Patriot emphasize the brand on the basis of quality assurance, the same or more emphasis on product appearance, feel. Xun Hou, general manager admitted that the appearance of their products and UI (User Interface acronym, which refers to the interface design) has invested a lot of energy, is that this is "products in the world the only way to compete."

However, light has the appearance of digital products is not enough fashion, high performance is even more important competitive advantage, focus on young people, is to enjoy "good music", and so on playback with high demands. In the new conference, the Patriot also announced the world's leading portable digital audio technology solution providers - United States Sigmatel (SigmaTel) companies have reached a strategic cooperation, the Patriot will provide the latest and the best MP3 chip solution, together MP3 to build higher quality products, co-development of the global market. Sigmatel Sal Sestito, vice president of global brand forecast, 5 years, China will become the world's demand for digital products, the largest country, said he was very honored to become a global strategic partner Patriot MP3.

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